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Francesca's Journey

Francesca Rausi wins Little Miss Winter Elegance title

Francesca Rausi, a little model who is also quite adorable, has just been given the title of “Little Miss Winter Elegance”, which indicates that she will continue to be successful.

“I would like to express my gratitude to these two individuals for the faith that they have consistently placed in Francesca. Ivan Gaffiero and Sue Rossi, you are both responsible for Francesca’s ability to demonstrate that nothing should be able to stop you in life and that the most essential thing is for you to believe in yourself. I adore you, Fran, and your accomplishments make us very proud”.

Francesca came in first place in the junior division of a beauty competition that was put on by Gaffiero Productions, and she was awarded the title of Little Miss Winter Elegance as a result.

Her mother, Michelle Rausi, took to her Facebook page to express her happiness and contentment at what her daughter had once again been successful in accomplishing.

She also expressed her gratitude to Ivan Gaffiero for the chance he provided to Francesca, as well as to Sue Rossi, who serves as her guide.

“Nixtieq ngħid grazzi kbira lil dawn iż-żewġ persuni tal-fiduċja li dejjem kellhom fi Francesca. Ivan Gaffiero u Sue Rossi, bis-saħħa tagħkom Francesca setgħet turi li fil-ħajja xejn m’għandu jwaqqfek, l-importanti li temmen fik innifsek. Inħobbkom. Fran, kburin ħafna bik”.

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