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Francesca's Journey

Francesca Rausi wins hearts at Diversity Fashion week in Amsterdam

Francesca’s mother, Michelle Rausi, related an unforgettable story about her daughter that exemplifies not only how courageous and talented her daughter is, but also how much fortitude and determination she possesses. In point of fact, Francesca, who is only a child, is currently enjoying success after triumph, with her most recent accomplishment being the victory in a the Amsterdam fashion week. Diversity fashion week included multinational designers’ runway shows with models from all over the world.  

Francesca Rausi, who was representing Malta, won over both the designers and the crowd.  Meeting other models from around the world and promoting diversity was a wonderful experience.  Francesca has also been invited to be a model for this year’s diversity fashion show already. Also not too long ago, Francesca’s mother shared with the people who follow her on her personal page on Facebook what she had recently written “.and here she is my international model inside the fashion week in Amsterdam! What a crazy experience and how proud I am of you, she wrote. 

“And today is the day Happy 7th birthday my franny , what a beautiful journey this has been im so blessed i have u as my daughter u made me a better person , Franny remember that i will be always behind u to see u leading the way and until my last breath i will work to change the world for u insomma I don’t think u r going to let me cause u are already doing it yourself ?, stay the way u are pupa u can change nights into beautiful mornings , love you with all my heart ?❤️?mummy and daddy”

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