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Francesca's Journey

Francesca Rausi’s Experience in Milan

Francesca Rausi’s modeling career is on a roll as following her success in the London Fashion Week, she hit the international stage yet again, this time to model in Milan, at the Piazza Duomo. She was invited by the designer Korn Taylor to model in Italy. Francesca did quite an excellent job in showcasing the designer’s summer collection and was also invited to feature on his television programme.

This most recent international modeling opportunity allows Francesca to continue expanding her exposure in the field, with truly remarkable experiences at such a tender age. Through her active participation, she is promoting Malta’s modeling scene, whilst also encouraging others with similar dreams to step up, as the opportunities are indeed available. It also serves to show that models of different backgrounds, who may be facing certain challenges can also make a name for themselves.

There were several positive reactions in relation to her performance, with a number of videos showcasing her talent and confidence. One of the videos shared shows her enthusiastic approach before she goes out on the catwalk. Her positivity is simply contagious! Several attendees were impressed with her modeling prowess.

Francesca is simply a natural at this and with all the opportunities already made available to her, it is evident that we will be hearing more about her in the future.

Francesca’s experience in Milan was also spotted by local news houses. Read the full articles on Malta Daily and

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