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Francesca's Journey

Francesca Rausi – An Ambassador for Down Syndrome

Francesca Rausi has made quite an impression with her achievements in modelling, especially when considering her tender age. Her unique and distinguishable smile sets her apart, and she has captured the sympathy of many in Malta. Francesca Rausi plays a very important role by spreading positive messages about Down Syndrome. She is already an Ambassador for a number of Down Syndrome associations.

She is a prime example of what can be achieved in life irrespective of situations and challenges. She serves as an Ambassador for Nothing Down and Wouldn’t Change a Thing which addresses outdated perceptions surrounding Down Syndrome.

Her modelling career started off extremely early, at the age of three, having already modelled for some very renowned brands in Malta and participating in quite a number of competitions locally.

Francesca’s parents play a pivotal role in supporting both their daughter and also other parents who have children with Down Syndrome. One of the ways that they contribute is through their involvement in the Malta Down Syndrome Association.

Francesca leads quite an eventful life. Together with her role in promoting the truths about Down Syndrome and combatting the inaccurate perceptions surrounding it, she is actively involved in ballet and drama.

Being constantly engaged with different activities, Francesca is leading a life that she enjoys. She is a true example of how to appreciate life.

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